Using Analytics to Discover and Prevent Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

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Government organizations are the second biggest targets of fraud after financial institutions. Not only does fraud impact the organization, but it impacts citizens and their trust in government. In 2021, $86 billion dollars of PPP loans found its way into the hands of fraudsters. On average, it takes almost two years to detect fraud when there is more than one conspirator, and those committing fraud are getting smarter every day, finding ways to go undetected.

Join this webinar with experts from Avaap and Tableau to learn how data visualization and advanced analytics can be used to detect fraud, highlighting potentially fraudulent activities, so investigators can spend time and resources on situations that are more likely to be fraudulent.

Check out Avaap’s Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Accelerator on the Tableau Exchange.


Attendees will learn:
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Graham Stroman, Vice President, Government and Non-Profit, Tableau

Nehul Vyas, Vice President, Data & Analytics, Avaap

Ayush Bhatia, Principal Consultant, Data & Analytics, Avaap


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