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Join Avaap’s Workday AMS consultants to learn about the changes coming to Workday Benefits this fall, and how they’ll impact your organization. Learn ways to approach the upcoming release, and how to prepare your organization.

This session will cover:
• Workday’s new Benefits UI that is optional now to customers but will be required by March 2021 (the Workday 2021 R1 Release).
• What the new UI looks like, how to prepare your Workday tenant, how to prepare benefits users and end-users, and what to consider regarding communications and training materials.
• The timeline for changing over to the new UI and what steps you can take between now and March to be ready to use the new UI.
• Testing that needs to be completed for the new UI before March 2021.
• Steps to ready your organization for using the new UI for the upcoming Open Enrollment.

Leave this session with actionable information and understanding what it takes to be successful when transitioning to the new UI.

How the Fall 2020 Release Affects Workday Benefits


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