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As a thank you for being a valued client who has helped shape our curriculum, Avaap is offering two special discounts if you sign up for a class using  code INTRO by the end of 2022.**

  • 5% off a class for 1-8 attendees

  • 10% off a class for 9-16 attendees

Understand the value of change management to be successful in your change efforts.

Explore how to use the Avaap Change Approach (TM) to apply change deliverables to any change initiative or strategy.

Learn the value of analytics and how to identify data and visualization opportunities to measure, inform, and manage change successfully.

Build the best change analytics approach to track change and inform your organization of change progress.

*Full retail value per person
**Must commit to one Avaap Change Academy class by 5:00 p.m. ET on 12/30/2022. The class must be scheduled and completed before 06/30/2023. Percentage off to be applied to classes’ full retail value listed above. Eligible classes include Exploring Change Management, Change in Practice, Exploring Change Analytics, and Change Analytics in Practice.

What is Avaap Change Academy?

The Avaap Change Academy offers change workshops dedicated to building knowledge, skills, and ability in organizational change. Change Academy workshops leverage best practices and trending topics, all while delivering exceptional value through experiential learning, helping individuals and organizations navigate their change journey.

Discover more Organizational Change Management Services.

Explore available resources to discover how an Avaap change experts can help you successfully manage change.

Learn how Avaap helps organizations successfully manage change programs.

Transform how you manage change by leveraging analytics to increase the success of your project. 

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