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Gladstone Institutes is an independent, nonprofit life science research organization located in the San Francisco Bay Area. As Gladstone has grown, it recognized the need for a streamlined, modern solution to meet its goals and improve visibility, and is now live on Workday.

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The Challenge

Gladstone faced a growing need to have better visibility into its business functions, and to streamline its processes, including HR functions and budget controls. With paper-based processes and without visibility into the institute’s core functions, it was difficult to support the management of the institution. An increased desire to streamline processes, eliminate silos, and modernize its current systems was the catalyst for Gladstone’s transformation with Workday.

Key Highlights

Workday HCM, Financials, and Payroll deployed by Avaap

Gladstone selected Workday as its Enterprise Management Cloud (EMC) and partnered with Avaap for its deployment.

Avaap was selected based on its Workday experience for similar system modernization projects, and its ability to meet an accelerated go-live goal for the institute. Gladstone also selected Avaap based on its experience in deploying Workday’s Grants module, which Gladstone sought from its new system.

Streamlined processes and unified technology

Gladstone realized the benefits of its Workday deployment in an integrated system that provides a consistent user experience. Systems are no longer siloed and have enhanced functionality for end-users.

Leadership also has up-to-the-minute information for better, faster reporting, enabling stronger decision-making as a result. People resources now spend time on data analysis, not manual data entry.

Gladstone Institutes and Avaap

Avaap was selected by Gladstone for its transformation project based on Avaap’s ability to meet an accelerated go-live goal, experience with deploying Workday’s Grants module, and Avaap’s collaborative approach to partnership. 

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