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Mossimo Practice Director, Products & Birst BI “I love being able to help our customers. They come to us because they either have knowledge or skill gaps or are so busy with their jobs and trust us to get the job done.

I love the people we have here because everyone cares about getting the job done and creating a great experience for our customers.

My team is great because they are open to new ideas and ways to improve. I was hired as a senior consultant and have been able to grow with the company. I now lead a team focused on our products which grew from one solution to include all of our products and expanded into multiple practices.”
Massimo Emilione
Sagar Principal Consultant, Business Intelligence and Analytics “My favorite thing about working at Avaap is the opportunity to work on interesting projects that contribute to community-centric initiatives. I get to learn new technologies while nurturing future technical leaders.

I help clients assimilate their diverse data systems and build solutions that help serve their customers in-more efficient and effective ways. Our products help clients confidently address systematic, societal, and shifting gaps that would have created pervasive problems with the transparency and tact of data.

My coworkers are great. They are the right mix of effervescent youth who have bright ideas and are enthusiastic about tackling the latest data challenges, and seasoned professionals who bring clarity to the picture. Best of both worlds.”
Sagar Mangam Sagar Mangam
Annaleah Program Director, Workday “Avaap is small enough for me to feel like I can make a direct impact, so I feel rewarded when I work on projects that directly impact either customers’ success or our internal teams’ morale and success.

I help clients look for opportunities to transform their business processes and support their strategic plans, allowing them to offer more efficient and effective services to their internal and external clients and stakeholders.

I chose to work at Avaap because I wanted to be part of a small, nimble, experienced team who can partner with our clients to help guide them on their transformation journey. My coworkers are experienced, collaborative, and fun!”
Annaleah Morrow Annaleah Morrow
Casey Manager, Infor HCM “I love working with the all of our consultants on a daily basis. They have different experiences and can think outside the box. I feel rewarded when customers come to us as the industry experts and we continue to 'wow!' them.

I chose Avaap because I wanted to be a member of the #1 Infor partner and manage a team of savvy HCM Consultants who are fun, positive, creative and experts at what they do!

We support each other 100%. Plus, Avaap is transparent and an industry leader with a dynamic team of consultants and architects that values transparency, collaboration, and being a partner with all of their clients.”
Casey Kelley
Chioma Senior Analyst, Change Management “I love the community feel at Avaap. I never feel like a stranger when I’m introduced to a new face at the company. My team is made up of extraordinary consultants with years of industry expertise who push me out of my comfort zone to bring our clients value to their projects.

Avaap is a company that makes each employee feel like an integral part of the business. We are encouraged to voice concerns, opinions, and ideas.”
Chioma Ukaegbu Chioma Ukaegbu