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When aging industries are faced with modern challenges, our expert consultants are here to help higher education, government, finance, healthcare, and manufacturing organizations optimize their transformation strategies. 

Technology & Management Consulting

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Each industry faces its own risks and regulations, meaning technology solutions need to be tailor-made to meet evolving needs. As an industry-focused, technology and management consulting partner, we understand the unique enterprise challenges facing the education, healthcare, manufacturing, government, financial services, and other industries.

We’ve built an ecosystem of more than 500 consultants that each possess the necessary knowledge, guidance, and strategy your industry needs to optimize its technology solutions. Our customer-focused innovations and experience-based methodology bring organizations shorter project timelines and faster time to value on software investments.

There’s No One-Size-Fits-All

Solutions Designed for your industry

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Financially Focused Solutions

Whether you’re focused on cost containment or customer retention, our expert consultants will align your defined business goals with winning solutions.

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Clinical Cloud Solutions

Clinical care requires quality solutions. We offer healthcare organizations an integrated approach to EHR and ERP for improved efficiency and better patient care.

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Digitizing Industrialization

The industrial revolution has gone digital. We help leading manufacturers modernize business systems like Infor M3 ERP and supply chain management to increase efficiency, production, and distribution.

Serving the Public Good

When maintaining modern infrastructures meets accelerating change, we provide government agencies with the support they need to keep costs low and citizens happy.

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When High Tech Meets Higher Education

We recognize the need for advanced solutions in higher education and help institutions become more cost competitive while leveraging technology effectively.

Technology & Management Consulting

Whether you’re looking for full integrations or training and support, our expert consultants will provide services that are best fit for your industry and its unique challenges.

Better Service Starts with Avaap

Solutions Designed with Customers in mind

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We’re committed to delivering excellence regardless of your industry needs. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself the impact Avaap is having across midsize companies to Fortune 500 organizations.

You will never regret choosing Avaap as your deployment partner. Not only will they land you on the spectrum of success, but they will enable you to achieve as much success as you are willing to invest and gain out of this entire endeavor.

Hampton Shive
CIO, Hinds Community College

We were able to finish our project on time, and during a pandemic, and 10 percent under budget.

Jarrett Morgan
CIO, Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority

ERP implementations are complex, so our team needed training to understand how the new system works, where they could find the information they need, and how to use the application for greater productivity. Avaap Managed Services helped to accelerate our knowledge and increase our self-sufficiency, enabling us to get the greatest value from our Infor software investment.

Staci Wetz
Controller, Shannon Medical Center

Thank you to our Avaap team who have helped Ornua complete this important milestone. We now have multiple sites operating on our single Global operating model. Each individual on the Avaap team have made a massive contribution which helped make this a success.

Robert Weld
Head of IT Competency, Ornua

Avaap provided a team of experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated professionals who quickly adapted to our company’s culture and provided significant value.

Mike Gossett
BMW Financial Services, GM Operations Support

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