Organizational Change Management

Change initiatives, no matter how positive, are risky endeavors. With an Avaap change management consultant, your business can successfully support transition for employees.  

Change Management for Successful Transformation

Connecting ORGANIZATIONS with results

Effective change management is essential to helping organizations make their transformational projects successful, addressing the people side of change, and accelerating adoption of new ways of working. Avaap helps organizations successfully deliver change management programs and advises clients on adopting transformations, including ERP implementations, cultural transformations, mergers and acquisitions, business process changes, and organizational restructuring.

Our change practitioners average 12+ years of consulting experience, and 94 percent of our change consultants are change certified, including Prosci®. Our team brings deep knowledge and expertise across industries including federal, state, and local government, healthcare, K-12 education, higher education, retail, commercial, and more.

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Avaap Change

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Organizations Don't Change, People Do

Train for the future

We provide our clients with the necessary training to build their own change capacity and advance organizational goals.

Complete Ownership

Our team works with your team to ensure people feel empowered and equipped to handle, own, and manage any new business initiatives.

Practical Solutions

Our expert consultants provide field-tested and data-driven solutions that help solve even the most complex of challenges.

Straight-Forward Approach

Address the entire change lifecycle by integrating an approach powered by years of best practice experience.

A New Approach to Change

Our Experience. Your Journey.

The Avaap change approach is a trademarked change methodology born from our years of change experience and designed to help organizations navigate their individual change journeys.

The Avaap Change Approach TM serves as the change methodology for Avaap change practitioners. The foundation for this approach is born from our years of change experience and designed to help organizations navigate their individual change journeys. Our approach works on anything from large scale cultural transformations to small technology transitions and everything in between.

The Avaap Change Approach features four actionable focus areas to create a simple process anyone can follow:

  • People Engagement where we look to connect employees in our change efforts to create a shared vision and support ongoing feedback.
  • Assess & Align actions help organizations discover what they need by taking stock of their current situation.
  • Plan & Activate uses the data we compiled in the first two focus areas to scale a change plan.
  • Measure & Sustain to ensure we help the organization thrive and remain targeted at their desired future state.
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Manage Disruption and Achieve Organization Goals

Change initiatives and digital transformations, no matter how positive, are risky endeavors. The mere thought of organizational change can have negative impacts on performance and productivity when not communicated correctly. Change management is crucial to successful transformation.

Our team aligns change management with project management to ensure project governance is aligned with strategy and organization goals.

We equip leaders at all levels to support change initiatives through stakeholder involvement and two-way communication, reducing resistance, and increasing acceptance.

More than 90 percent of our consultants have advanced degrees or certifications, and an average of 12+ years of consulting experience.

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We Support Change For Your Platform

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Explore available resources to discover how an Avaap organizational change management consultant can help you manage change initiatives and mitigate risk.

Build your knowledge, skills, and ability in organizational change through experience-based change workshops.

Transform how you manage change by leveraging analytics to increase the success of your project. 

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