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Building a Resilient Organization: What Leaders Need to Know

Leaders are constantly faced with the challenge of ensuring people stay focused, engaged, and productive during times of disruption. The compounding change fatigue created by ongoing pandemic uncertainty makes it more important than ever for a deliberate and intentional approach to building resilience within organizations to create a healthy foundation for growth and innovation. Avaap […]


Students as Stakeholders for Success

A key element to any change initiative is stakeholder engagement to mitigate risk and improve the likelihood of success. While transformations in higher education often focus on faculty and staff, students are also impacted and often overlooked as part of the change management process. Now more than ever, today’s students are diverse digital natives. Some […]


Change Management and Analytics: Your Plan for Success

Discover the power of integrating analytics into your change management strategy. Join Avaap experts in learning about setting change management goals, change assessments, and how strategic decisions can be enhanced with data visualization and analytics. Attendees will learn key change management concepts, how to manage your change portfolio with analytics, and about strategic decision-making when it comes […]

Thought Leadership

The Power of a Change Agent Network in a Cloud ERP Implementation

Driving technology adoption is not a new concept. However, rapid technology advancement, the global pandemic response, a remote work environment, and the increasing shift to the cloud for enterprise resource planning (ERP) brings the need to strategically manage the people side of change to the forefront. This white paper examines four lessons learned during a […]


Transformational Leadership Series: Learning Agility in Times of Change

In a recent Avaap poll, 75% of respondents stated that transformational leadership is the number one area of need for their organization to be successful. Transformational leadership is rooted in four key competencies: idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individual consideration. Core to each competency is learning agility, and the ability to learn, adapt, […]


Change Leadership: Chat with Chad Luxenburg

Join Avaap Vice President Dr. Shannan Simms for a candid conversation about learning agility and leadership development with Chad Luxenburg, CEO of scitrain, a global leader in leadership and organizational development. scitrain’s approach to leadership development is focused on helping leaders, at all levels of the organization, achieve their full potential. As leaders achieve their […]


Change Management: Getting Results in the Public Sector

As we move forward in 2021 and look to a new type of normal, one thing is apparent – a greater number of public sector organizations are transforming their systems and business processes to become more efficient and better support the populations they serve. Across all industries, change management is key to success and risk […]


Transformational Leadership Series: Change Management is a Team Sport

Deliberate planning for how to help people adapt to a new way of working is often forgotten, resulting in disruption, productivity loss, resistance, and decreased employee morale. Change management and change leadership are complementary areas of focus that can help you overcome these common roadblocks. It’s easy to think, “that’s someone else’s job” but leaders […]