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Organization Effectiveness Solutions

Organizations are facing historic challenges: generating growth and enabling innovation, pressure to reduce costs, competitive talent landscape, and an exhausted workforce. Survival will be shaped by a clear view of new realities and a strong ability to adapt and evolve. Learn how Avaap’s certified Organization Effectiveness experts are bringing tailored solutions to organizations to help […]


Change In Practice

This experiential learning workshop instructs individuals looking to become change leaders on how to use the Avaap Change Approach to build successful change strategies and plans and apply them to changes in their organization. During this course, learners will get to experience practical application by learning and using 10+ tested and proven change tools.


Exploring Change Analytics

This instructor-led course is designed for change practitioners looking to understand the intersection of analytics and change management and the value of data in driving change activities. The workshop provides participants with an introduction to change analytics and explores how available data can be leveraged in change management practices.


Exploring Change Management

This engaging virtual instructor-led workshop is designed for individuals going through change that want to understand the value of change management, explore change essentials, and build change capability. Throughout the course, participants will build a personal change capability roadmap so they can put into practice what they learned right away.


Executive Transition Strategies Checklist

Leadership transitions are risky endeavors for individuals and their organizations. To make the transition easier, leverage these actions and learn from our experience in preparing individuals and organizations for transition.


Checklist for Change Managers When Faced with Significant Project Delays

Project delays or changes to project schedules can happen due to budget constraints, resourcing issues, scope changes, or other unexpected events. As a Change Manager, what should you do when your go-live date changes? Use this checklist to organize your thoughts and next steps to help you take action when your go-live date changes.


Higher Education: Embracing Growth and Change During Leadership Transition

Executive transitions are high stakes for leaders and their institutions. This session helps new leaders and employees working with new leaders to navigate transition by learning how to identify and assess opportunities and risks in guiding their institution through change initiatives. Presenters will draw from real-world experiences on strategies fully applicable to executive transitions.  Learning […]