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Tips from the Trenches: Leveraging Data and Analytics for Digital Transformation

How do you know if your organization is ready for change? View this on-demand webinar to explore how organizations across all industries are preparing for transformation and adjusting upon arrival. Leave with new tools and techniques for managing change and measuring change readiness. See why data and analytics are paramount to a successful change initiative.


The Evolution of Innovation in Change Management

How are you keeping your change management skills current? The pandemic brought about new ways of doing things as we navigate a hybrid world. Are you on top of what’s changing in your organization? What’s creating the change or how to embed change into your company culture? View the on-demand session to explore a variety […]


Getting Your ERP Implementation Right: Panel Webinar

Efficient processes, modern systems, and better employee and customer experiences are all benefits to a new ERP system. While rewarding, the implementation process can be long and with challenges. This panel discussion with Avaap Advisory Services Vice President Stacee Roy, Workday Portfolio Vice President Annaleah Morrow, and Consulting Services Vice President Tim Oberschlake sheds light […]


Transforming the Student and Employee Experience at Hinds Community College

This session was recorded at Workday Rising 2023. Watch to learn how Hinds Community College transformed with Workday and the benefits students and employees are seeing now that they are live on Workday HCM, FIN, and Student. Hear from Hinds leaders about the careful considerations they took throughout their entire Workday transformation journey.


ERP Implementation Preparation Activities

You’ve selected your new ERP system. Ready to hit the ground running? Watch this webinar with Avaap Vice Presidents Tim Atkinson, Angelo Mazzocco, and Tim Oberschlake to learn the key activities necessary to set your ERP deployment up for success. This session dives into Phase Zero; what it is and why it’s important, as well […]


System Selection: Finding Your Organizational Fit

In this webinar, Avaap Vice Presidents Tim Atkinson, Angelo Mazzocco, and Tim Oberschlake walk through all aspects of a successful ERP system selection process. This session details the entire selection process, from understanding the current landscape, tough questions to ask your organization and vendors, and a detailed approach to each of the five stages of […]