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Predicting Growth at Scale with Machine Learning

Predictive analytics with machine learning (ML) is growing rapidly across organizations of all sizes. However, many organizations face the same challenge when approaching applied ML: Big Data. When data becomes excessively large, developing and automating an ML workflow can feel like an impossible task. Fortunately, the key to success is simple. You just need the […]


Using Analytics to Discover and Prevent Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Government organizations are the second biggest targets of fraud after financial institutions. Not only does fraud impact the organization, but it impacts citizens and their trust in government. In 2021, $86 billion dollars of PPP loans found its way into the hands of fraudsters. On average, it takes almost two years to detect fraud when […]


Higher Education: Embracing Growth and Change During Leadership Transition

Executive transitions are high stakes for leaders and their institutions. This session helps new leaders and employees working with new leaders to navigate transition by learning how to identify and assess opportunities and risks in guiding their institution through change initiatives. Presenters will draw from real-world experiences on strategies fully applicable to executive transitions.  Learning […]


The Power Of One: Combatting Negative Reactions To Organizational Change

A single voice can be a powerful force to influence and command the attention of others. One influential person can drive the advancement of organizational change or be the source of significant challenges and resistance. Join Avaap Change Management expert Brenda Robinson as she describes the power of one in organizational change, shares real-world examples […]


Workday and Epic Integration Benefits for Healthcare Organizations

The implementation of EHR and ERP are typically among the largest investments healthcare organizations undertake, but they are often treated as separate projects. In addition to missing a key opportunity for complete integration, separate implementation plans increase inefficiencies and ownership costs post-implementation. Avaap’s healthcare experts explore the strategies and recommendations for Epic EHR integration with […]


Establishing a Culture of Change for Student System Transformation

Digital transformation is a top priority for many institutions, and establishing a culture of change for transformation is equally important. To stay competitive, institutions need to not only modernize the student system but consider students as part of the change management strategy. Watch now to learn: Why it’s important to engage students in digital transformation […]