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Our data and analytics professionals have extensive industry experience and are technically equipped to provide actionable analytics, reports, and advanced insights.

Data Analytics, Regardless of Platform

Optimize Your information infrastructure

With advancements in technologies and an ever-evolving digital landscape, data analytics solutions are adding capabilities for less technical users to model, analyze, share and manage data, and collaborate and share findings across their organizations for more-informed decision-making. When you have a better understanding of your business, you can turn insights into action.

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Embedded Analytics

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Data Warehouse Modernization

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Data Visualization
Quick Start

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Population Health

Turn Data into Actionable Insights

perfect your workflow

Bypass toggling between systems while saving time and enabling greater control over your workflow and business processes.

Optimize your data strategy

Harness the power of people and technology in the launch, maintenance, and improvement of your data strategy.

improve modernization

Quickly adapt to changing business processes, provide support for new data sources, and rapidly implement new solutions.

reduce data errors

Utilize your team's end-to-end data management. Clean and transform raw data prior to processing to limit errors and streamline your digital transformation strategy.

Discover Data Analytics Solutions For Your Platform

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Make Confident Decisions

Turn your data into visualized, actionable information

Partner with Avaap to harness the power of your data to effectively and efficiently better understand your business and make data-backed decisions.

We provide customers with data-driven organizational insights that help turn data into actionable information through visualization.

Our team has the experience and expertise with Tableau solutions to provide advisory, analytics, customer solution development, and more, including maintenance and operational support.

As a Tableau partner, we have access to the latest Tableau release and roadmap information. Our consultants are fully enabled to partner with your business to turn your data into actionable information for data-driven decision-making.

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securely store and share data

Snowflake at avaap

Snowflake’s modern, affordable, and scalable cloud data warehouse solutions allow your business to securely store and share your data. Our partnership provides us access to Snowflake’s latest technology roadmaps and in-depth training. Our data and analytics experts are fully enabled with skills and expertise to provide advisory, analytics, customer solution development, and other services, including maintenance and operational support.

Data Warehouse Modernization: Our data analytics team specializes in providing an in-depth assessment of how data is being captured, processed, stored, and consumed within your organization. We utilize our expertise in modern data management and analytics to provide a roadmap to modernizing and maximizing your investments in the people, processes, and technology that manage and consume your data. 

End-to-End Analytics Solutions: We maintain strong partnerships with leading data technology solution vendors that we find complementary to Snowflake implementations. Our team helps your organization build an end-to-end modern analytics solution that includes Snowflake and leverages our partnerships and experience with other industry leading tools like Tableau and Alteryx.

Enterprise Adoption and Change Management: As a leader in change management, we lead teams through change, focusing on enterprise-wide adoption and training on the new way of working. We focus not only on the development and implementation of data and analytics solutions, but also on the adoption, training, and change management that we believe is critical for long-term success.

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become data-driven

Become more data-driven and monetize your business data with Alteryx

Alteryx is a modern, automatic, and efficient platform that empowers your business with self-service analytics. Deploy Alteryx to break down data silos, empower business users to conduct their own data analysis and discovery, and automate labor-intensive data wrangling processes.

Alteryx Quick Start: We enable organizations to achieve quick wins for their data-driven initiatives to quickly gain momentum and increase adoption of Alteryx.  Organizations benefit from successfully implemented, operational Alteryx data workflows and gain foundational knowledge to build out their own future use cases.

Solution Implementation and Supported Enablement: Our experienced resources design and implement the right Alteryx solutions to meet your needs. After initial delivery of Alteryx data-driven solutions, you can ensure continued enterprise-wide adoption and maturity by leveraging our expert support. Focus on data insights while we assist with routine deployment maintenance, user education/training, and idea-community building.

Platform Governance, Management, and Administration: Establish consistent governance and data management standards while empowering business users across the enterprise. Our team provides maintenance and operational support for large-scale implementations, allowing you to focus on data insights and addressing your data-driven initiatives. 

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Gain insights for better decision-making

Make Better Business Decisions with Workday Prism

Our Workday consultants have the technical capacity and strong track record to help your organization through successful assessment, deployment, and upgrades. Improve your business visibility with the deployment of Workday Prism’s analytics solution.

Workday Deployment: Our consultants hold deep Workday and industry experience. Organizations can benefit from successfully deployed, operational Workday solutions to improve manual processes and better understand business functionality.

Continued Support: We have a dedicated Workday AMS practice to assist in focusing on strategic planning, business transformation, growth, user adoption, and getting the maximum value from your Workday investment.

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gain proactive insights

partner with avaap for oracle analytics

As an Oracle Gold Partner, we develop and implement products and services across Oracle’s entire portfolio of products, including database, middleware, storage, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and server systems, as well as packaged applications and industry solutions. We help organizations get the most out of their Oracle investment and gain insight from their data.

Our Oracle consultants have the technical capacity and strong track record to help your organization through successful assessment, implementations, and upgrades.

People are our greatest asset and with roots in PeopleSoft, we are an early adopter of Oracle Student Management and provide true life cycle services, from strategy and planning through post go-live.

As a leader in organizational change management, we lead teams through change, focusing on enterprise-wide adoption and training on the new way of working.

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Discover more about avaap's DATA ANALYTICS solutions.

Explore available resources to discover how Avaap’s data analytics services are empowering users to make informed, data-driven decisions.

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