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Improving Supply Chain Transparency in Food and Beverage

Efficiently catering to the needs of modern-day consumer demand for transparency, maintaining food safety, and meeting ever-changing regulations are major challenges for virtually all food and beverage organizations regardless of size. Learn how organizations like yours are leveraging industry-specific technology to increase supply chain transparency.

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A Fresh Perspective on ERP System Selection (PDF)

This presentation walks through some fundamental mindset changes to next generation software selection. Learn the essential activities for selecting the right ERP solution including organizational alignment, RFP creation, vendor analysis, business case development, contract negotiations, and pre-implementation.  View the on-demand session here.

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Technology To Improve Standardization

The Value of An Integrative Approach to ERP and EHR Amid Merger & Acquisition Activity Merger and acquisition transactions for hospitals and health systems have reached a record high over the last several years. Taking an integrative approach to EHR and ERP implementation as part of merger and acquisition strategy can streamline clinical and business […]

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Is Your ERP Disrupting the Ability to Run Your Core Government Operations?

ERP is a crucial enabler of digital transformation and the core of business success, yet most organizations fail to perform routine check-ups on whether their ERP is fit to compete. With recent move to work from home, more organizations are realizing their current systems have out-aged modern requirements. Download this whitepaper to learn how to […]

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Top 10 Ways Tableau Can Help You Better Understand Your Institution

One of the most common issues education professionals face is how to better understand their students. Schools and universities pride themselves on being both diverse in their student populations and inclusive in their programs. These institutions regularly place goals on their staff to continue to improve in these areas, as well as further strengthen foundational […]