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Strategic Technology Solutions

Transformation is on the minds of all C-Suite leaders, but how do you know what is right for your business? When selecting new technology, assessing current tools and systems, or adopting new ways of working, it is critical to ensure the organization, leadership, and key stakeholders are aligned on goals, scope, and expectations. To determine […]


Program and Project Management

Successful project management and/or program management blends strong strategic, leadership, and technical skills to effectively lead the strategy, planning, evaluation, estimation, and overall program management of the organization’s needs to accelerate time to value. Organizations going through transformation need a partner who can deliver strategic project management planning and execution to solve business and technology […]


360-Degree View of Student Success

Avaap’s Student Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) uses Alteryx to analyze student data across systems to improve the student experience, increase enrollment, and predict outcomes. Download the brochure to learn how your organization can begin using data to improve your institution.


Business Analysis and Process Design

With digital transformation at the forefront of organizations’ strategic goals, it is important that your technology and processes meet the needs of your growing business. Remove inefficiencies such as bottlenecks, redundancies, and waste to achieve the most value from your investments. The success of a new enterprise technology implementation is directly tied to the quality […]


Avaap Change Academy

An Avaap-developed program offering change workshops dedicated to building your knowledge, skills, and ability in organizational change. The curriculum meets participants where they are by leveraging best practices and trending topics, all while delivering exceptional value through experiential learning to help navigate their change journey.


Organizational Change Management Services

Change is constant in today’s digitally innovative business landscape. Growing your organization’s capacity for change will allow your team to navigate and proactively adapt to the future of work and improve performance and productivity. Learn how Avaap is helping organizations build their change capacity and successfully navigate change.


Tips from the Trenches: Leveraging Data and Analytics for Digital Transformation

How do you know if your organization is ready for change? View this on-demand webinar to explore how organizations across all industries are preparing for transformation and adjusting upon arrival. Leave with new tools and techniques for managing change and measuring change readiness. See why data and analytics are paramount to a successful change initiative.


Workday Release 2024R1 Preparation Guide

Release planning can be stressful whether this is your first Workday release or your tenth. Download this guide to get access to release tips and checklists to enable you to be well-prepared for the next release and here to provide you with further guidance as you navigate through the release process.