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Checklist for Change Managers When Faced with Significant Project Delays

Project delays or changes to project schedules can happen due to budget constraints, resourcing issues, scope changes, or other unexpected events. As a Change Manager, what should you do when your go-live date changes? Use this checklist to organize your thoughts and next steps to help you take action when your go-live date changes.


Higher Education: Embracing Growth and Change During Leadership Transition

Executive transitions are high stakes for leaders and their institutions. This session helps new leaders and employees working with new leaders to navigate transition by learning how to identify and assess opportunities and risks in guiding their institution through change initiatives. Presenters will draw from real-world experiences on strategies fully applicable to executive transitions.  Learning […]


Change Analytics

Change analytics adds measurable value to change management enabling trend visualization and turning spreadsheet data into actionable information. Avaap can help you arm your team with insights to drivemetric-driven change management practices, recognize the need for course corrections earlier, and highlight updates on progress.


Avaap Change Academy

An Avaap-developed program offering change workshops dedicated to building your knowledge, skills, and ability in organizational change. The curriculum meets participants where they are by leveraging best practices and trending topics, all while delivering exceptional value through experiential learning to help navigate their change journey.


Change Management Services for Workday

Workday change initiatives impact the whole organization. As the number of modules andstakeholders increase, so does project complexity. Our certified Workday consultants have built experience across institutions of all sizes to help you develop an action plan and guiding principles to manage any HR, financial, and student changes effectively.


Change Management Services

Change is constant in today’s digitally innovative business landscape. Growing your organization’s capacity for change will allow your team to navigate and proactively adapt to the future of work and improve performance and productivity. Learn how Avaap is helping organizations build their change capacity and successfully navigate change.

Thought Leadership

Discussion Guide: Facilitating Change and Managing Resistance for HR Leaders

Change requires people to do something differently, making human resources a crucial partner in successfully guiding their organization through transformation. Adopting new behaviors and habits does not happen on its own. HR is where people go when they have concerns or want their needs addressed. Here are eight questions HR leaders should bring to the […]


The Power Of One: Combatting Negative Reactions To Organizational Change

A single voice can be a powerful force to influence and command the attention of others. One influential person can drive the advancement of organizational change or be the source of significant challenges and resistance. Join Avaap Change Management expert Brenda Robinson as she describes the power of one in organizational change, shares real-world examples […]