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Custom Report Builder

Avaap Analytics team members Ayush Bhatia and Craig Dougherty show how a custom report builder enables non-technical users to build their own reports and dashboards in Tableau Server with easy to use, drag/drop/select functionality. 


Is Your Institution Ready for the Cloud?

As the higher education landscape changes, the desire to move to the cloud is a common theme among many institutions. This move, while ultimately a benefit to the college or university, can present new and unique challenges, risks, and opportunities. Join Avaap (formerly Navigator Management Partners) for a free webinar that will help answer the […]

Thought Leadership

Thinking about moving to a SaaS solution?

Here are 5 People-Related Lessons Leaders Need to Consider One of the key value propositions of moving applications and workloads to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions is that it is quicker and more straightforward to implement when compared to on-premise implementations. SaaS is a valuable and disruptive technology that often results in re-designing business processes, revisiting organizational […]


Avaap StreamServe (MOM) Template for Infor M3

Fast and easy form output and document creation is now a reality for organizations that rely on Infor M3 with Avaap’s MOM Template.  Avaap MOM Template features more than a dozen pre-configured templates, providing the flexibility and framework to create branded output documents with less time, money, and effort.


PLM & Superior Product Development

Product development is fundamentally more difficult in process industries. In many instances, decisions are based on molecular-level evaluations well before any customer has a chance to incorporate a new material into their products. Download “Achieving Superior Product Development in Process Manufacturing” to learn how Infor PLM can help your organization create a staged approach to product […]


Top 7 Ways You Can Create Exciting Fashions Faster with Infor Fashion PLM

n a fast-paced fashion environment, the biggest asset apparel manufacturers have is the ability to get new fashions to consumers quickly. While spreadsheets have served the industry well for many years, in today’s data-driven world, their limited functionality results in time lags, data inaccuracies, linear sequential processes, and a lack of integration to data libraries. Download “Top […]