Change analytics

Add measurable value to change management, enabling trend visualization and turning spreadsheet data into actionable information with change analytics.


Arm your team with insights to drive metric-driven change management practices, recognize the need for course corrections earlier, and highlight updates on progress.

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Why Partner with Avaap?

Avaap brings deep expertise in both change management and data analytics, combining the two to help you learn in real time how change is being perceived.

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Customized Solutions

We support the tools your organization uses.

We drive adoption of analytics approaches to change management.

We focus on your needs to create a plan for measuring and visualizing change.

Avaap can support change analytics at any point in the change journey – from determining project and resourcing needs, to measuring readiness for change, to tracking adoption and sustainment.

Change Analytics Services

Change Management Assessments

Easy to understand visual analytics for change management assessments

Change Network Development

Build and manage your change network using analytics

Change Analytics workshops

Learn the value of analytics in change and how to leverage

Upgrade basic charts to dynamic presentations that transform qualitative change management data into concrete, quantitative visualizations. These dashboards can present a  digestible analysis of change  assessments, providing the ability to analyze trends and develop robust strategies for your business goals.

Change networks are paramount in helping your organization move through the people side of change. Understand what your change agents need and ensure you have the right individuals engaged to be successful.

Avaap Change AcademyTM offers two classes, Exploring Change Analytics and Change Analytics in Practice, to help your organization navigate change.

How Can Change Analytics Help Your Organization?

Use data as a strategic asset to improve your change management capability to:

Discover more Change AND DATA ANALYTICS Services.

Explore available resources to discover how an Avaap expert can help you manage change initiatives and use data to improve decision making.

With an Avaap change management consultant, your business can successfully support transition for employees.  

Transform how you manage change by leveraging analytics to increase the success of your project. 

Build your knowledge, skills, and ability in organizational change and change analytics through experience-based change workshops.


Learn how organizations can leverage change analytics to support successful projects.

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This session covers the power of integrating analytics into your change management strategy.

Read the latest thought leadership from Avaap’s change leaders.

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