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Hear from Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall about how the city's Workday investment will enable a more nimble, efficient, and cohesive government for all.

Salt Lake City's Digital Transformation Journey

From Disjointed Systems to a Modern, Nimble Government for All​

Salt Lake City’s government operations were struggling to keep up with a rapidly growing population. The city’s financial and human resources systems and processes were antiquated SaaS and on-premise solutions that operated within a complex web of more than 30 systems, lacking visibility and transparency for city leadership and taxpayers.

Transformation Highlights

After selecting Workday, Salt Lake City deployed a phased approach of the full platform, including Workday Human Capital Management, Payroll, Absence and Time Tracking, Financials, Recruiting, Talent, and Learning. The Salt Lake City selection team liked how Workday offers the power of one platform, has a consistent data structure, and has a user interface that is accessible for end users. After operating on multiple systems for 20+ years, the city was ready to simplify and streamline processes. In addition, Workday cuts down on arduous administrative tasks. What used to take weeks now takes less than a day, saving employees time and frustration while making them more productive.


With Workday, Salt Lake City adopted the industry standard for financial and HR business practices, including incorporating a modernized chart of accounts. Through standardization, Salt Lake City was able to increase transparency and access for employees for better self-service and improved processes. Workday also provides comprehensive security protection as well as mobile capabilities, which is a major benefit for city employees who can now use their cell phones for time tracking, approvals and more. Overall, Salt Lake City has seen an increase in public transparency, reduction in inefficiencies and waste, and greater use of data to drive decision-making.


“The partnership with Avaap and Workday allows us to align as one team to improve and create opportunities for automation that change the way we do business as a city.”

– Nole Walkingshaw, Chief Innovation Officer, Salt Lake City

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