Building a Resilient Organization: What Leaders Need to Know


Leaders are constantly faced with the challenge of ensuring people stay focused, engaged, and productive during times of disruption. The compounding change fatigue created by ongoing pandemic uncertainty makes it more important than ever for a deliberate and intentional approach to building resilience within organizations to create a healthy foundation for growth and innovation.

Avaap Vice President Angelo Mazzocco, an Avaap advisory practice leader with more than 25 years of experience as a former CIO, and Judith Schouten, Avaap principal change management consultant will present strategies for leading teams through change based on real-world customer examples. Angelo and Judith will help you understand change fatigue, resilience, and how your organization can strengthen its change and organizational resilience capacity.

This session will explain the value of taking a strategic pause to develop their personal skillset in navigating change and understand strategies to strengthen their organization’s resilience and change capacity.

Attendees will learn:
Hear from:

Angelo Mazzocco, Vice President, Advisory Services

Judith Schouten, Principal Consultant, Organizational Change Management

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