According to a recent KLAS report, healthcare providers are replacing or selecting new enterprise resource planning systems to take advantage of the cloud. Market leaders Infor, Oracle, and Workday dominate the competitive market but with technology advancement, how do you know what is the optimal solution for your business? LCMC CIO Tanya Townsend and Avaap VP Tim Oberschlake will take attendees through the decision-making process at LCMC and how the organization identified Workday as its new ERP. The session looks at the driving decisions in ERP selection, including key vendors in the ERP space, the functionality, technology, and user experiences, and challenges and successes of customers of healthcare ERP market leaders. Attendees will leave knowing how to evaluate and compare vendors and opportunities to simplify and streamline the evaluation process to accelerate a more accurate decision. Learning Objectives: -Understand key vendors in the ERP space and how to evaluate and compare vendors -Strategies for simplifying and streamlining the evaluation process -Ability to assess and accelerate a more accurate decision for system selection using data

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