Avaap Launches New Change Management Services, Change Academy, and Change Approach

Columbus, OH – November 15, 2022 – Avaap, an industry-focused technology and management consulting firm with a market-leading change management practice, today announced the launch of its new Avaap Change ApproachTM, the Avaap Change AcademyTM, and Change Analytics services offering. The new change management innovations were designed in response to more organizations investing in transformation, changing marketing dynamics, new work habits, and new business models.  

“We help our clients with transformational change every day,” said Barbari Griesse, Avaap vice president, Organizational Change Management Advisory Services. “Taking a bit of our own advice, we evaluated our business practice and created a new, straightforward approach to change management built on our years of change experience leading organizations through their individual change journeys.”

The Avaap Change Approach is a new methodology that leverages the vast experience of Avaap’s organizational change management (OCM) consultants, and focuses on people engagement, current challenges and opportunities, data-informed scalable change plans, and strategies to sustain transformation as the natural way of working.

Avaap Change Academy is a series of new experiential learning workshops designed to help clients build their internal knowledge, skill, and change capabilities. The curriculum meets participants where they are by leveraging best practices and trending topics, providing tools and techniques to help individuals develop as successful change managers.

The Change Analytics service will help organizations leverage data to better understand change readiness, where action is needed, as well as if the change is working, and its impact. For organizations investing in data culture, the change analytics service can help to visualize the people, reactions, attitudes, motivators, resistance, potential barriers, and influencers as part of the change journey.

“Data-informed insights help organizations allocate resources to areas that offer the greatest return on investment of change projects and programs,” said Griesse. “The Change Analytics service offers measurable value by enabling trend visualization, offering insights that allow organizations to recognize the need for course corrections earlier, and turns spreadsheet data into actionable information. With investment in transformation continuing to accelerate, there is greater need for an experienced, knowledgeable change management partner that can help organizations build sustainable change and enable their people to be successful in today’s fast-moving business climate.”


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