Avaap + NCPA partnership


As an NCPA-approved vendor, Avaap enables public sector and higher education institutions to leverage cooperative purchasing contracts for technology services of the highest quality at competitive cost.

A Powerful Partnership for the Public Sector

Since 2006, Avaap has helped public sector customers achieve digital transformation through technology.

NCPA (National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance) is a leading national government purchasing cooperative working to reduce the cost of goods and services by leveraging the purchasing power of public agencies in all 50 states.

Empowering the Public Sector


Our technology and management consulting experts have public sector insight and knowledge to lead your organization through digital transformation.

Advisory Services

Avaap Advisory Services provide governance, program and project management, and process excellence that guide organizations toward growth. Our experienced advisory services team offers professional services from a vendor-neutral perspective to support strategic goals and drive operational excellence. Our team can advise for system selection, business transformation, organizational alignment, business process design, shared services and organization design, change management, program management, and other strategic solutions.

BI and Analytics

Our business intelligence and analytics team has extensive industry experience and is technically equipped to analyze and visualize data for actionable analytics, reports, and advanced insights. Avaap partners with organizations to create a data-driven culture and center of excellence to better understand and optimize collecting, storing, and analyzing data. Our success is reflected in our customers’ ability to optimize insights for informed decision-making.

Implementation and Deployment

Avaap’s implementation and deployment services help customers modernize technology for digital transformation. Our expert consultants partner with business leaders to ensure a smooth transition between legacy systems and new implementations. Our implementation and deployment specialists have years of extensive application experience across various industries and technology platforms to provide the best pre-implementation, deployment, testing, training, and methods needed for a successful go-live and beyond.


We help customers align systems and processes for better collaboration and productivity to improve the quality of operations. As technology evolves, business leaders and administrators struggle to keep up with multiple systems, slow information flow, and increasing costs. When technology and processes aren’t aligned, it can be difficult to maximize resources and investments. Avaap can guide your organization to an effective and fully integrated system that improves system security, access to real-time data for better analysis, and standardization across your organization.

Managed Services

Avaap provides post-production support that allows clients to focus on business transformation, growth, and customer satisfaction while improving the value of technology investments. Partnering with an experienced managed services partner for continuous management of your systems frees internal resources to work on more strategic endeavors. Avaap brings application expertise as well as knowledge of underlying technologies to successfully support and maintain enterprise solutions.

Organizational Change Management

 Avaap’s market-leading change management practice is powered by Prosci® research, data and concepts.  We help organizations prepare their teams to be ready, willing, and able to make the transition to new technologies and ways of working. This is achieved through a blend of change impact assessments, readiness monitoring, leadership alignment activities, stakeholder engagement, ongoing communications, workforce transition preparation, training, and sustainment actions.

Technology Consulting

Avaap’s technology consulting services help organizations innovate faster and build more powerful businesses through digital transformation. As a trusted technology consulting firm with more than 15 years of experience and technical leadership, we partner with organizations to prepare the path for modernization in alignment with their business goals.

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