The Partners for Accelerated Configuration and Extensions (PACE) program is a design-led approach that brings together higher education institutions to benefit from Workday deployment collaboration, identifying common functionality to create a foundation tenant that reduces the time, cost, and risk of deployment.



Reduce costs collectively

Reduce Workday Student deployment expenses through collaboration. Sharing ideas, processes, and the resulting work product can create stronger institutions. The value of participating and sharing in common development is that everyone helps each other. 

Collaborating with like-minded institutions to discover and agree upon
common best practices delivers value beyond direct cost savings. The
design partner approach brings the value of long-lasting partnership
to support and expand the Workday solution, as well as collaborate
on initiatives that bring value to each individual campus.

Increase best practice adoption

Our experienced team is here to help you navigate the new approach and impacts of cloud ERP using a transformation approach built for the cloud.

Our philosophy is begin with the end in mind so the journey to success is aligned with institutional goals. Avaap has helped other colleges and universities successfully address transparency and communication, operational readiness, stakeholder engagement, change management, vendor evaluation assessments, and more. We’ll prepare you every step of the way, with best practices to ensure success throughout the project lifecycle.

Greater functionality at a lower cost

Avaap can help your institution leverage the cloud to keep students, staff, and faculty connected. Cloud eliminates typical barriers, giving students and employees access to information wherever they are, with an easy user experience that drives action. Users connect on a single platform, enabling seamless data sharing between student, financial, HCM or other applications, and better visibility. 

Drive stakeholder innovation

Avaap can provide opportunities to hold workshops for leaders and stakeholders, to get them involved in the project, and drive innovation. These workshops happen before the project even starts to help identify the vision and guiding principles. These workshops will save re-work, and align teams to result in a tightly integrated solution.

if you want to go far, go together

triple tandem