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Reduce Costs and Improve Outcomes with Analytics

In pursuit of the triple aim of value-based transformation—reducing costs, improving health outcomes, and enhancing the patient experience—healthcare organizations are making dramatic changes to their business models and developing enabling digital capabilities. An example of this evolution is the development of the clinically integrated supply chain. Digital maturity involves integration of the supply chain function […]


Creating a Public-Facing Dashboard? Three Best Practices

Public-facing dashboards provide transparency and accessibility, build connection and trust within communities, and empower leaders and residents to make data-backed decisions. From tracking coronavirus cases to tracking vaccination rates, many government organizations know the benefit of visualizing data and then making that visual available to the public. Not all dashboards are created equal. Learn three […]


Providing Transparency and Data Accessibility

Does your organization struggle with reports stored in multiple locations? Are you unable to easily share with external viewers? Is there a lack of governance on the source of the truth for key data? This session explains how a custom data portal creates a searchable data catalog that provides access to data, reporting, and embedded […]


Using Analytics to Detect Fraud

Learn how analytics can be used to detect fraud using Tableau and Alteryx. The solution is built to be continuously enhanced with new fraud scenarios every week and is a one-stop-shop tool and solution for detecting and addressing unemployment fraud, enabling investigators to efficiently identify highly probable fraudulent claims and suspicious activity. 


Dynamic API for Published Extracts

Learn a simple and efficient method to programmatically access data from published data sources in a Tableau server deployment. The solution will dynamically generate REST API points for any published data source extracts that have been approved for programmatic access by the governance team.


Workday Transformation: Success at Joliet Junior College

Joliet Junior College CIO Jim Serr discusses the community college’s investment in innovation with its deployment of Workday. Serr speaks on how the college built the business case for Workday and managed the impact of change throughout the deployment. He also shares the realized benefits of modernization for the college and how other institutions can […]