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Getting the Most Value from Infor Process Automation

Join Memorial Healthcare System (MHS) Senior SCM System Analyst Kat Vila and Avaap’s Practice Director Massimo Emilione and Advisory Technical Consultant Octavio Rivera Gallinat for a demonstration on how MHS is using Infor Process Automation (IPA) to automate work and improve operations. This session will explore three processes delivering value to the hospital system, including […]


Reduce Supply Costs with FullFill Procurement

It has been widely speculated that healthcare supply costs will exceed labor costs in the coming years. This reality places increasing pressure on health system leaders to increase efficiency while continually improving the quality of care. One of the primary obstacles preventing organizations from maximizing savings is the complexity of the procure-to-pay process. Avaap has […]


Avaap StreamServe (MOM) Template for Infor M3

Fast and easy form output and document creation is now a reality for organizations that rely on Infor M3 with Avaap’s MOM Template.  Avaap MOM Template features more than a dozen pre-configured templates, providing the flexibility and framework to create branded output documents with less time, money, and effort.


PLM & Superior Product Development

Product development is fundamentally more difficult in process industries. In many instances, decisions are based on molecular-level evaluations well before any customer has a chance to incorporate a new material into their products. Download “Achieving Superior Product Development in Process Manufacturing” to learn how Infor PLM can help your organization create a staged approach to product […]


Top 7 Ways You Can Create Exciting Fashions Faster with Infor Fashion PLM

n a fast-paced fashion environment, the biggest asset apparel manufacturers have is the ability to get new fashions to consumers quickly. While spreadsheets have served the industry well for many years, in today’s data-driven world, their limited functionality results in time lags, data inaccuracies, linear sequential processes, and a lack of integration to data libraries. Download “Top […]

Case Study

Lely Modernizes Internal Operations with Infor CloudSuite Equipment

Lely culture is fueled by a rich history of innovation and shared mindset toward continuous improvement. With a mission to feed the world, modern manufacturing processes are critical, and the impetus behind staying current with ERP technology. In 2016, Lely upgraded its legacy ERP to Infor M3 and is now migrating to Infor CloudSuite Equipment.


Getting the Most Value from M3 plus Birst

CGR Products CIO Steve Bartlett and Avaap Practice Manager Massimo Emilione continue the conversation from Steve’s on-demand Inforum session, “Thriving with data—how M3 users can get the most out of Infor Birst (458934).”