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Many organizations are replacing or selecting new enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to take advantage of the cloud. Market leaders like Infor, Oracle, and Workday are among a competitive solution market but with such technology advancement, how do you know what is the optimal solution for your business?

Avaap’s Kameron deVente and Angelo Mazzocco will first take attendees through some fundamental mindset changes to next generation software selection. From there, they will walk through the essential activities for selecting the right solution including organizational alignment, RFP creation, vendor analysis, business case development, contract negotiations, and pre-implementation. Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of the key success factors and typical challenges, resulting in a deeper ability to foresee and mitigate such challenges. Attendees will appreciate the rigor required for a successful selection and how to do this in an efficient and streamlined process.

A Fresh Perspective on ERP System Selection


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October 17, 2023

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System Selection: Finding Your Organizational Fit

In this webinar, Avaap Vice Presidents Tim Atkinson, Angelo Mazzocco, and Tim Oberschlake walk through all aspects of a successful ERP system selection process. This session details the entire selection process, from understanding the current landscape, tough questions to ask...

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