Phase Zero

This on-demand session on Phase Zero covers the activities, data, and decisions that are essential to include in your planning. Many organizations are using Phase Zero to align people, process, and technology with strategy before replacing enterprise resource planning systems with cloud-based technology.

Participants will learn:

1. Cloud thinking and how implementation differs from legacy software migrations
2. What activities are considered part of Phase Zero
3. How Phase Zero aligns people, processes, technology, and policies to position for successful software implementation

Attendees will explore the fundamental mindset changes to next generation cloud solutions as a context for executing the essential activities for Phase Zero. The discussion will detail how efforts in Phase Zero are complementary to selecting the right solution. Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of the key success factors and typical business challenges, resulting in a deeper ability to foresee and mitigate challenges when preparing for a cloud solution implementation.

Developing a Pre-implementation Strategy: Adding Phase Zero to Your Project Plan


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