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“How much Change Management will my project need?”

Higher Education is experiencing historic rates of evolution and transformation brought on, in part, by rapidly changing technology, a focus on student retention and engagement, and opportunities to streamline back-office operations. Changing systems, data, processes, and people creates challenges for most organizations. Change management is key to project success.

But budgets are tight and resources are limited, which begs the question, “how much change management will my project need?”

This session, led by Shannan Simms, PhD., a Prosci® certified change management expert and our Organizational Change Management Practice Leader, will walk you through key considerations and tools to support a rapid analysis to quantify how much effort to invest in your change management interventions.

By the end of this webinar, you’ll be able to:
– Determine the importance of change management and its impact on the likeliness of project success
– Describe and quantify key factors in scoping your OCM effort
– Create a summary-level assessment of scope and staffing for your project

How Much OCM in Higher Education is Enough?


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