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Learn from Avaap Workday Student consultants as they discuss an exciting customization development: a true two-column, newspaper-style layout for student transcripts. They’ll share what drove the development and why this can be a valuable tool in your Workday investment.

You’ll leave knowing how to maximize Workday’s extensibility for your institution.

Whether you’re on your Workday Student journey, or considering the transition, this session will provide great insights into what Workday Student and Avaap Workday Student consultants can do for your institution.

Listeners will leave with a deeper understanding of how to:
• Modernize transcripts and improve legibility
• Use existing Workday tools, without extensive coding outside of the Workday tenant, to manage transcript production
• Tailor transcript data and formatting to meet the unique needs of your institution

Leverage the Flexibility of Your Workday Student Solution


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October 17, 2023

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