A key element to any change initiative is stakeholder engagement to mitigate risk and improve the likelihood of success. While transformations in higher education often focus on faculty and staff, students are also impacted and often overlooked as part of the change management process.

Now more than ever, today’s students are diverse digital natives. Some may be first generation college students and others may not fit the traditional student mold, but they are all digitally savvy and experience change differently. Expectations are evolving around remote learning, mobile accessibility, and an increased focus on student success, and there is a need for institutions to actively engage students in the change process.

In this session, led by Avaap higher education change management experts Melissa Parinello and Elena Rae Schultz, attendees will discuss techniques for managing change and increasing student engagement, and explore the generational differences to consider when working with students as stakeholders.

Students as Stakeholders for Success


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