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Workday transformation for charter schools

CLIENT Overview

DSST Public Schools is a network of free charter schools. With middle and high school campuses across Denver and Aurora, Colorado, DSST Public Schools is a leader in STEM and has become a destination for educators nationwide.

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The Challenge

DSST has grown rapidly over the last decade, opening 16 new schools, all of which have been consistently ranked as the best schools in Denver and Aurora. DSST leaders recognized the need to modernize from legacy systems to sustain its growth, increase efficiencies to free up employee time for higher value activities, and continue to provide an excellent experience for the employees, students, and families it serves. One challenge DSST was seeking to address was the need for better reporting that was not possible with its legacy system. Reporting was complicated and manual with siloed systems that prevented leaders from drilling down into the details needed for more efficient operations.

Key Highlights

Workday HCM and Payroll deployed by Avaap
DSST selected Workday as its Enterprise Management Cloud (EMC) solution and engaged Avaap to lead the deployment. Avaap was selected because of its experience deploying Workday with other charter schools and understanding of how to support the unique needs of charter schools. Avaap was also selected for its ability to meet an accelerated deployment timeline for rapid implementation and faster realization to value.

Workday’s unified system reduces manual processes by streamlining and automating repeatable tasks. With Workday’s integrated system, DSST can get insight into the status of processes from hire to retire, manage payroll across its schools, and have the transparency needed to support its workforce.

DSST has experienced stronger reporting as a result of its Workday deployment, allowing team members to spend less time managing payroll and more time acting as a strategic advisor to the business. DSST now has a deeper understanding of its data, which was not possible with its legacy system. Leaders are now able to drill down into data to understand HR and payroll information at each school as well as within its charter school system, and able to make stronger, data-informed decisions as a result.

Workday was also able to streamline academic pay for DSST, which eased payroll calculations and ensured appropriate pay schedules were supported. Information such as rank, promotion dates, contract type, appointing unit, and other details are now visible through a single screen.
“The strong partnership between Avaap and Workday allowed us to meet our accelerated deployment timeline to be live on the software for the school year,” said Wiegner. “For the first time we have visibility into our processes and access to real-time information, neither of which would be possible without Workday’s streamlined HCM and Payroll solution.”

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