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Becoming an Effective Leader of Change

This course is designed for people leaders to explore the role they play in leading change. This virtual interactive workshop delves into how effective change leadership influences employee experience and leads to quicker adoption and realized benefits.


Change Analytics in Practice (QEP Course)

This workshop is designed for change leaders looking to build the best change analytics approach to track and inform changes in their organization. During this engaging instructor-led workshop learners leverage data tools on a change project specific to their organization to apply analytics and complete several visualizations. Participants will learn best practice methods and what […]


Healthcare ERP System Selection

Healthcare has historically been slow to adopt new systems. When you consider recent challenges like budget constraints, a global pandemic, and staffing shortages, it is vital for hospitals and health systems to digitally transform their operations. Learn why and how healthcare organizations like yours are moving to the cloud.


Becoming a Trusted Change Sponsor

Designed for sponsors of change including key executives, business leads, and organization influencers. This engaging virtual instructor-led workshop leads participants on a journey to explore their role as a change sponsor, helping them understand how to be most effective in the role and to learn how providing visible leadership is required for successful change.


Thriving In Changing Conditions: How To Navigate The Future Of Work

The force of the pandemic brought significant change to work habits, regulations, supply chains and business models. Many organizations now find their existing structure and ways of operating inadequate for today’s environment. This session explores the way work has changed and how change management and organization design have impacted digital transformation and business models for […]


Organization Effectiveness Solutions

Organizations are facing historic challenges: generating growth and enabling innovation, pressure to reduce costs, competitive talent landscape, and an exhausted workforce. Survival will be shaped by a clear view of new realities and a strong ability to adapt and evolve. Learn how Avaap’s certified Organization Effectiveness experts are bringing tailored solutions to organizations to help […]


Change In Practice (QEP Course)

This experiential learning workshop instructs individuals looking to become change leaders on how to use the Avaap Change Approach to build successful change strategies and plans and apply them to changes in their organization. During this course, learners will get to experience practical application by learning and using 10+ tested and proven change tools.