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Tips from the Trenches: Leveraging Data and Analytics for Digital Transformation

How do you know if your organization is ready for change? View this on-demand webinar to explore how organizations across all industries are preparing for transformation and adjusting upon arrival. Leave with new tools and techniques for managing change and measuring change readiness. See why data and analytics are paramount to a successful change initiative.


Using Data and Analytics to Increase Public Safety and Transparency

Law enforcement agencies are under pressure to adhere to consent decree agreements, but this can be a time-consuming, resource-intense, and expensive process that can have measurable impact on the ability to improve public safety. Being able to access, analyze, and report on consent decree data can help law enforcement leaders enable more informed decision-making and […]


New Student Enrollment: Data Informed Insights

Historically higher ed institutions have struggled to capture, access, understand, and report on their data to achieve performance goals such as enrollment, retention, and student success. Attendees learned how Tableau makes it simple to visualize key performance metrics, such as enrollment data to understand trends, patterns, and potential challenges that impact student success. During this webinar, […]


Change Analytics

Change analytics adds measurable value to change management enabling trend visualization and turning spreadsheet data into actionable information. Avaap can help you arm your team with insights to drivemetric-driven change management practices, recognize the need for course corrections earlier, and highlight updates on progress.


Visualize Public Data, Drive Insights with Tableau

Who should watch this webinar: Anyone in the public sector seeking to be more data-driven and efficient. Attendees will learn how a state government used Tableau to develop a fuller picture for economic indicators using data ingested from public sources, including OpenTable reservation data, U.S. Census Bureau retail sales data, and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics […]


Visualize Public Data, Drive Business Decisions

Tableau’s ability to connect to a wide range of ETL tools and multi-connection data sources provides the ability to automate and visualize public-facing data to drive key business strategy decisions. Watch this session to learn how public-facing data can be transformed and visualized to drive research about Covid-19’s impact on society.