Enterprise System Selection

ERP system selection is an important strategic decision that sets the foundation for long-term success.

ERP System Selection for Successful Transformation

Optimize the value of your Enterprise Solution

Selecting a new enterprise solution is a serious undertaking. Our team has guided hundreds of organizations from start-to-finish to select and/or implement new solutions, optimize existing investments, and achieve transformation goals. Our ability to help you select the right solution is enhanced by our deep go-to-market capability of implementing the selected solutions.

We understand the nuances of how to select and implement market-leading solutions, and create a process for an effective evaluation. Avaap’s experts are certified in industry-leading platforms and can help you identify the right solution to meet your business requirements and future growth goals.

Transform Your Business

Organization Alignment

We help our clients determine current challenges, business goals, and measurable success factors.

Request Proposals

Our experts work with your team to determine selection criteria and how they will be scored.

Vendor Analysis

The Avaap team helps ensure a clear and referenceable review process is in place.

Business Case Development

We create a practical guide of the project timeline, implementation approach, and TCO vs. maintaining current systems.

Negotations and Contracting

Our team helps you get the best value from your vendor of choice.

Find your organizational fit for the future

Methodology for Success

The best selection initiatives are anchored in business goals. Our team has deep knowledge in the functional areas of your business looking to make a system change. We are able to help you select solutions that meet the requirements you need today and also anticipated requirements enabling future success.

technology consulting - development
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Healthcare EHR and ERP
  • HR and Payroll
  • Learning Systems
  • Student Information Systems
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Work Management

We start with the end in mind, aligning project goals with business success. Our deliverables toolkit brings efficiency and consistency to the selection and planning process and is tailored to your specific business need to achieve the future vision.

Moving to the Cloud

Decision-Making for Adopting Cloud ERP Requires New Ways of Thinking​

A cloud-based ERP system is more robust than on-premises legacy solutions, allowing organizations to cut down on reliance on third-party systems and siloed information. The selection process and decision criteria for cloud ERP is different than with legacy systems.

Legacy systems were expected to replicate current business processes to keep the status quo. Cloud systems leverage best practice business processes to transform organizations and achieve business benefits from the new solution.

Benefits of The Cloud Include:

change analytics
  • Automated and simplified processes
  • Superior data integrity and real-time analytics
  • Continually modern technology
  • Lower overhead costs
  • Built for future growth
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Supply and labor cost optimization

Our team brings industry and technology expertise to ensure your organization gets the most value from your new cloud system.

Avaap successfully pairs organizations with top enterprise systems to fit current and future business needs.

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