Communication between EHR and ERP systems is critical to achieving greater productivity, improving patient outcomes, and driving cost-cutting benefits.

El Camino Health worked to fully integrate their Epic EHR with Workday to boost efficiency of resources and improve patient care.

Join Deb Muro, CIO at El Camino Health to learn the areas where integration will result in the greatest impact, how they built the business case, and aligned stakeholders on project goals, and drove it to successful completion to reap the benefits. Special bonus: we’ll reserve time at the end of our session for live questions and answers, so you can dig into the details that matter most to your organization.

Integrating the EHR with Workday to Maximize the Value of your Health IT Investments


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December 7, 2023

Workday Lunch TIPS: Demystifying the FAFSA Update in Workday


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