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Case Study

Columbus Regional Healthcare System’s Digital Transformation Journey

Change has been a constant in the healthcare industry for many years, requiring health systems to be proactive in managing it and responding in a forward-thinking manner. Columbus Regional Healthcare System (CRHS) recognized the need for transformation and embarked on a five-year strategic roadmap to align its technology with the hospital’s clinical focus, including the […]


Leading at the Speed of Change

You are in the thick of change every day. Would you believe it is not the amount of change that presents the biggest challenges to success? Research indicates that it is how changes are experienced that make or break initiatives and the people involved. This session explores:– The personal experience of change– Common reactions across […]


Meet the Experts

Join Avaap Consultants for a panelist discussion and open conference event where attendees can ask questions about Infor CloudSuite, GHR, Birst, Change Management, and more. This interactive session is designed to get your questions answered and provide the Infor community with insight into other organization’s transformation.


Managing Change, Transforming Data

As a result of COVID-19, colleges and universities have had to be more flexible and agile. Agility During Uncertainty is a series of 30-minute fireside chats with university leaders about how they are using organizational change management, business intelligence, and more to keep staff engaged, students learning, and begin planning for the future. Kick off […]

Thought Leadership

Delivering High Value Analytics

Within the last decade, the public view of data has undergone a transformation. The outdated association of secluded employees hunched over a computer, scrolling through rows of mind-numbing numbers in Excel spreadsheets, has been replaced with high-priced answers delivered by a recent doctoral grad derived from beautifully written complex code in convoluted software. Empowering stakeholders […]


Building a Center of Excellence

Avaap’s Vice President of Analytics, Jeff Brown, and Analytics Director, Nehul Vyas, explain how a data analytics Center of Excellence can set organizations up for success.

Thought Leadership

Cloud Implementation Readiness

When you purchase Software as a Service (SaaS), the fees normally begin immediately or shortly after you’ve signed the contract, even though the service has not yet been implemented. If you’re not prepared, implementation can take longer than anticipated. In a typical cloud ERP implementation for HR/payroll and finance, a conservative project burn rate for […]